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Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Clock, the Carpet and GRILL !!!**##!!….

This has been quite a week for our little home in sunshine land. We ordered and finally received the wall clock that was promintely showing in the real-estate posting, but gone when we moved in. The two realtors were good for the missing item.  And it does "make" the entryway!

The delay in the arrival of the rug can only be attributed to my indecision, and my obsessiveness with matching.  But  my search for throw pillows has become a saga of misproportions given that they are just pillows! And that will come in  later story.

  I should get to food, but directly related to food is the grill…oh the grill….

After two major disappointments over 2 natural gas grills,  purchased from Home Depot; visits  by two
  gas companies; and numerous calls with Weber "experts," we finally found a Weber technician (Excellent) who worked for Ace Hardware.  We travelled the 22 miles to his store, settled on a new model (yes from Weber) and it was delivered the next day. And it works! And yes the cover purchased ( two grills ago) matches the wall!

So the home is taking shape and it is time to cook dinner - so yo jo what's for dinner?

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