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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Sea Bass, Asparagus and Cutrer

It could be the dreary weather  here in Ohio  that prompts me to look back on  some of the  good meals we enjoyed  in the warmth of the  sunshine state.   And being Irish Catholic, the guilt of ignoring my blog, prompts me to offer a second post today.  This is, without a doubt, one of our best meals!

The entree:  Broiled Sea Bass. The pieces were brushed with evoo,  topped with chopped shallot, ground pepper and tarragon and placed under the broiler.  Absolutely delicious!

Side: roasted Asparagus. The spears were coated in evoo and, wrapped in aluminum foil and placed on rack beneath the sea bass.

The Wine:  Cutrer.  This remains one of my favorites and probably one of my spouse's favorite whites.


A "Chopped" Salad Salad and Poached Pears

We are back home in Ohio after a stop in Philadelphia to spend Easter weekend with daughter #1 and her husband and my beautiful, talented, brilliant……granddaughters. But before leaving our Florida home I put together this meal (and remembered to snap some photos.  I know,  I have been somewhat lax in my posts! But I guarantee, I have not stopped cooking and eating!! 

Entre: A salad of Convenience or in other words "Yo Jo, whats in frig?"

The greens included spinach and arugula. The chopped veggies included peas, tomatoes, broccoli,  roasted red pepper and carrots. Other ingredients - hard boiled egg, prosciutto, and goat cheese, and shredded cheddar cheese.  Grated parm and a balsam and evoo topped this colorful entree salad.  

Dessert:  Poached Pears Not such an appetizing photo, but extremely delicious.The pears  were simmered in marsala and a splash of water. A dollop of blue cheese was added prior to serving. delicious!
The lanai, the warm weather and the sounds of the grandsons enjoying the pool  (daughter #2), are mere memories…Ohio weather is wet, wet, chilly and wet!*#!


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Potato and Arugula Salad

Two of the Yo Jo What's for Dinner books,  that I printed, ( 2012-May 2013 and June 2013 -March 2014) mysteriously "sat in a pool" of water (or some non odorless liquid) on the countertop for a couple of days. The bottom 3 inches of the pages soaked up the liquid and thus, stuck together.  Because they were still damp, I was able to peel the pages apart…  needless to say I was a tad annoyed. But as I peeled,  I read the stories and the recipes. I wrote some interesting (at least to me) tales of discovery, woe, and memories, along with the dinner entries…  several amused me, as I tended to the tedious task of peeling…..

soggy page

  During one of the page peels, I came upon an entry that I remembered liking. I had most of the ingredients, and I needed a side dish for dinner that was quick/easy and would go with the tuna salad I had made earlier in the day. 

The photo and entry from July 9,  2013:  a potato salad with arugula.

And last night's version:

-The small Yukon Gold potatoes were boiled and cooled before cutting in half
-A medium sized shallot was sauteed in EVOO
-The dressing included EVOO, balsamic vinegar, lemon zest,
black pepper, and honey dijon
-The potatoes were mixed with the shallots,  arugula, and the dressing…very tasty!  

Note: The  2013 salad used grainy dijon, and pinot grigio vinegar.

In the 2013 entry I also also served grilled shrimp and chicken sausage kabobs, baked beans ( it was our July 4th meal -that has to be the only explanation for the beans) and Veuve Cliquot!!

Last night's other dish - tuna salad sandwiches- certainly paled to the 2013 spread and were mediocre at best, so I am not going to bore you or me with the recipe.


Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Clock, the Carpet and GRILL !!!**##!!….

This has been quite a week for our little home in sunshine land. We ordered and finally received the wall clock that was promintely showing in the real-estate posting, but gone when we moved in. The two realtors were good for the missing item.  And it does "make" the entryway!

The delay in the arrival of the rug can only be attributed to my indecision, and my obsessiveness with matching.  But  my search for throw pillows has become a saga of misproportions given that they are just pillows! And that will come in  later story.

  I should get to food, but directly related to food is the grill…oh the grill….

After two major disappointments over 2 natural gas grills,  purchased from Home Depot; visits  by two
  gas companies; and numerous calls with Weber "experts," we finally found a Weber technician (Excellent) who worked for Ace Hardware.  We travelled the 22 miles to his store, settled on a new model (yes from Weber) and it was delivered the next day. And it works! And yes the cover purchased ( two grills ago) matches the wall!

So the home is taking shape and it is time to cook dinner - so yo jo what's for dinner?

Next Blog: Grilled Tuna


Monday, January 23, 2017

Chicken Tenders with Lemon, Olives and Capers

 Written December 2016 -Posted mid January.  Two reasons for the long delay - t takes a long time for me to "get over things and my photo stream was not working.    
No I am not over the election. I have gone from shock, disgust,  depression, to a promise to self that I will continue to be vocal about this man, who lost the popular vote!  He is not my President and I  will not remain silent as he implements some of his promises and threats. But  this past weekend I attended the Women;s March.  It was not a throng of a million or half of million, like the major cities and I really did not march (the knee is still not working)  but it certainly proved I am not alone!! 

I will continue to be a "watchdog" of this "lunatic" that was elected and continue to  find other outlets to vent.  This blog is about my love of cooking and dining and although it has been impacted by my injury and recovery, I will not let him diminish my pleasures!

 So let's cook, and dine!

Chicken with Lemon, Olives and Capers.
Chicken tenders
Lemon slices
Kalamento Olives
Chicken demi glace

I pounded the tenders, dredged in flour and browned in pat of butter and splash of evoo. When brown, I added a 1/2 cup white wine and chicken broth, demi glade, lemon slices, slivers of garlic, olives and capers and simmered for about 15 minutes.

Side:  Zucchni strands: Using a mandolin, sliced a zucchi and sauted in EVOO and dried basil flakes.

Wine: Olema Pinot Noir

I have missed you,