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Monday, November 14, 2016

Hillary - she won the popular vote

We are now in our new Fl home.  To quote a famous author "it has been the best of times and the worst of times….."  the home is lovely, and yes I am fortunate…but somethings are more important than a second home in sunny weather…. I  do not know when I have been so thoroughly upset by an election - yes, I do…never.  Election night moved me from nervous confidence to total disbelief to physical sickness.   Me, an expert in "spin" for so many years cannot find the spin- (there is none)!

And why should I vent on my cooking blog , you ask?- because I wasted a bottle of Vu Cliquot and the baked brie was a disaster!  I have not enjoyed wine or food since. I would joke about the red plates and mats but there is no humor in the outcome of election 2016.

 The only sweet thought/memory to take away from this election of 2016 is that the women closest to me, my 92 year old mom, my two sisters, my three daughters and my god daughter, voted for Hillary."You are wise women and I am proud of you. I should have given more and worked harder!"


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