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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Toasting our good fortune and a Donum story

It was a celebration! We closed on a winter home on this day in late May and decided to celebrate. A perfect excuse to open a prized wine from a visit to wine country in October 2014. At a party at the Donum Estate, Sonoma County,CA, Mike guessed the weight of a pumpkin, the exact weight, I might add and won the bottle of wine!
With  puff pastry and a round of Brie on hand,  and a warm evening, we settled on the deck, popped the cork and enjoyed!  

The brie - same as always: thaw and roll out the pastry, spread the pasty with honey dijon, place the round of brie and fold the pastry on top. Glaze with egg white and bake according to package directions.

The wine: A 2012 Pinot Noir, "1870."The name is derived from a stage coach stop - the ruins and cornerstone remain on the estate.

To say we enjoyed the bottle is an extreme understatement!  I did email Maggie, the Hospitality Manager at Donum Estates, and she was quick to respond. She was happy to hear we enjoyed the wine and was still amazed that Mike had guessed the exact weight of the pumpkin!

Mike and Maggie

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