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Wednesday, June 29, 2016


This was a Jo Day and thoughts were of the upcoming Mothers Day - the flowers arrived, making my thoughts focus on my daughter and her daughters. If I could not be with them,  I would turn to food - not any food, but a"favorite food" (and wine). As luck would have it, I  happened to have all the ingredients.


The entree: Chicken Francaise. The chicken breasts were pounded thin and coated with a mixture of flour, ground pepper and herbs de provence. The breasts were browned in evoo and a teaspoon of butter.  Meanwhile I simmered chicken stock,white wine and lemon juice.  When the breasts were browned I added the sauce to the pan of breasts and simmered on a very low heat.

The sides:  Risotto.The risotto was cooked according to package direction. I used  boxed chicken stock for the liquid and added an ample portion of pressed garlic.  A cup of grated parmesan cheese was added as the risotto was finishing.

Peas:  Added for color! I merely splashed them with chicken broth and heated in the microwave.

The wine: Rombauer Chardonnay: A tad pricey for a daily dinner, but it was pre Mother's Day,  so why not! And although my spouse's preference is  red wine,  if it is good chardonnay he will share mine. 



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