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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Orange Marmalade Salmon I and II

A few years ago, I posted a Salmon dish topped with orange marmalade, but this time I worked on the sauce and it is a keeper. I am posting two dinners here - the first my trial run on the sauce and the second prepared with more confidence, a tad less marmalade,  a different salmon, different type of wine, and  a different side dish. So really the only thing that was the same was the Orange Marmalade!!

The Sauce: I heated together chicken broth (College Inn) regular and bold, and for the first Marsala wine, and the second,  Cream Sherry. After reducing for 15 minutes I added chopped fresh garlic and two (and one) heaping tablespoons of Smuckers Orange Marmalade, lowered the heat and let simmer while I prepared the rest of the meal. 

The Salmon:  One meal used Faroe Island Salmon,  and the other, Bay of Fundy Salmon.  EVOO was brushed on the salmon and then seasoned with herbs de provence. Each time the salmon was seared on a grill pan for 3 minutes and then turned for 4 minutes. The pan was then placed in the oven at 325 for 3 additional minutes.  When removed the salmon was topped with half of the sauce. The remainder of the sauce was poured into a small pitcher and served at the table.  

Sides: Brussels Sprouts -Trimmed and halved, par boiled in Chicken broth and roasted in oven and then tossed with pan fried prosciutto pieces.
Broccoli - Microwaved in chicken broth for 3 minutes.

Wine:  The first salmon dinner was accompanied by a very disappointing bottle of a California red. I will not name it because this vineyard has produced some excellent wine - I am hoping that this was just a "bad bottle".  The second salmon meal was served with an excellent bottle of Donum Pinot Noir.


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