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Monday, April 4, 2016

Rainbow Trout and Basmati Rice

Ohio weather!!##@@!!
We are home , to  snow and high winds!  Was the weather trying to tell us that we should have never gone -or was it my mom's accident, surgery and nursing home stay or my hospital stay in Florida that were speaking "loud and clear."But there were some good times - good dinners and visits from family. Mom's turned out badly and  I did miss the one with my daughter and granddaughters but, spouse was the perfect son in law and dad and grand dad - a caring man and host extraordinaire. 

The best parts of the trip were spouse's golf game opportunities, resulting in improved golf scores, and the many delicious meals we enjoyed.  This entry is certainly an example of good food.  However I must not have been on top of my "serving game." Nothing like white fish, and  rice on a white plate, served with white wine and a table  adorned with white flowers!!!!

I do guarantee that the appearance does not reflect the taste  of this meal - the food was delicious, the wine superb and the ambiance and conversation were delightful!

Entree: Rainbow Trout. Dipped in egg white and flour, the filets were seasoned and coated with a mixture of melted butter, lemon juice, white wine, honey dijon, pepper and herbs de provence. The filets were browned in a skillet and finished on a low heat. The gas stove was perfect to control the heat.

Side: Basmati Rice with Green Onion and Zucchini.  The rice was cooked and then added to a skillet to heat with diced green onion and small slivers of zucchini, which had been splashed with EVOO.  

The wine: Sonoma Cutrer Les Pierre. Superb as always.

I am on a restricted diet and will not be back to normal (my normal) cooking and dining for a few weeks, but I still have some Florida entrees that I will share in the coming days! And please do forgive me for this bland looking meal. It truly was delicious!


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