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Friday, February 26, 2016

Wild Mushroom Ravioli in Mushroom Sauce

Packaged fresh mushroom Ravioli (Three Rivers) - Good.
Dried Mushroom Sauce - Excellent!

The packaged ravioli were a nice size, providing 5/6 for each of us.

The Sauce: Butter and demi glace melted together  in sauce pan. The liquids, chicken broth and sherry were added and reduced while the dried mushrooms were soaking in hot water.  When the liquids were reduced to a semi thick sauce/broth, the mushrooms and two teaspoons of the mushroom liquid were  added.

Sides: Broccoli, doused with chicken broth and cooked for 3 minutes in the microwave. Warmed crusty baguette served with dipping oil.

Wine: Donum. One of our favorites.

Both spouse and I agreed this is one of the best dishes/meals we have enjoyed in our temporary home.


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

"Dover" Sole

"Dover Sole" here in the states!?  Hard to believe, but thought "oh well let's try it."  Shared with my spouse that I was sure it was not authentic Dover Sole. But I looked it up this morning, and sure enough it is raised here in US, mostly Alaska.  However it's real name is "slime sole or slippery sole"  The description was not appetizing, so I am glad I purchased, prepared and consumed it before I looked it up! It was not as delicate or tasty as the Dover Sole I have enjoyed in the past, but it wasn't bad.

Entree: "Dover" Sole.  The filets were dipped in egg white, coated with flour flavored with herbs de provence and fresh ground pepper, then browned in evoo and a pat of butter.  White wine and fresh lemon juice were added were added to the pan until evaporated, soaking into into the fish.

Side: Roasted Asparagus. The asparagus was ended, splashed with evoo and roasted for 10 mins at 400 degrees.

Warm "Boule" Bread, dipped in evoo and balsamic vinegar was also served.

Wines: Spouse had KJ Pinot Noir and I had Le Creme Chardonnay.


AND and rain, rain please go and stay away…..

Monday, February 1, 2016

Grilled Salmon wi Lemon/Honey Dijon Sauce

The weather here in our little sunshine get away, has been miserable (I know I can hear you, my friends up north - "stop whining").  But, according to the news, January was the wettest month since records have been kept. So, so  much for the warm weather and pool being good rehab for my knee - not!
I have managed to enjoy my favorite activities, cooking, and dining and a few rounds of golf.  So life is good.

 Two weeks ago I made a salmon with a similar sauce and noted that I had found it in Cooking for Two. It was very tasty so we thought we would like to dine on the same dish. Well after both of us scoured the cookbook twice, we found it nowhere! So I made my own!

Entree: Grilled Salmon wi Lemon Honey Dijon Sauce. The salmon was spayed with Pam evoo and sprinkled with fresh ground pepper. It was grilled for 7 minutes, flipped at 4 minutes.


 The Sauce: Thinly sliced shallot and diced garlic were cooked over low heat in a tad of
 butter and splash of evoo. When soft,
 two tablespoons of  lemon juice, a fourth of a cup
 of white wine and a tablespoon of honey dijon
 were stirred in and heated till blended.
Wines: We had half bottles left from a neighbor hood party over the weekend, so spouse had red and I had white.  His Etude Pinot Noir and mine, Cutrer, not Sonoma Cutrer, but it's upgrade, the Cutrer!  As mentioned in previous blogs, one of my favorites.