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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Salmon With Fig and Ginger Sauce

A new year, a new life and a new place (temporary).  If you caught my Facebook Post of December 18 you read that I have joined the retired generation - officially.  Spouse had been looking forward for a year to head to the land of sunshine and I decided it was time.  Breaking my knee in July hastened my desire to relax and enjoy a slower life style. So on to this new adventure…sun and golf for a few months….and a great place to plan and prepare meals.  

During our second night stay on  the road we found a place called Total Wine and were delighted to learn there was one in the town of our destination.  It did not take us long to locate it and  stock up on some of our favorites. The young man who helped us find our choices (it is a big place) comes from our home town and is related to my most recent "boss." Yes, I guess it is a small world!

Entree: The local grocery had no fresh salmon so I had to resort to a  package of pricy frozen coho salmon. I seasoned it with ground pepper and herbs de provence and pan seared it.

For the sauce I used a fig and ginger jam, added a splash of white wine, a cup of chicken broth and reduced.  The salmon was served on a bed of arugula and topped with the sauce.

Side:  Broccolli - splashed with chicken broth and microwaved.

Wine:  Sonoma Cutrer Sonoma Coast - a standard favorite.

I am sure this is the first of many 2016 posts - I can only golf and exercise the knee so much!


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