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Monday, January 19, 2015

Arugula Salad, Salmon, Brussell Sprouts and Rice

I promised myself I would do a better job of keeping my blog going. It is only the 19th day of January and this is my first 2015 entry. As we pause today and honor Martin Luther King, I am marking the day by reading his letter  from the Birmingham Jail (well at least half of it) and posting a blog. The letter is in a book of a collection of letters written by famous and not so famous people throughout history. It was a gift to me years ago.  I wonder if anyone has done a collection of favorite meals of the famous and not so famous.....

The following meal was prepared in December.

 Salad: Arugula, apples, and brie
The arugula was topped with diced granny smith apples and chunks of brie. The dressing was evoo, balsamic vinegar, a tad of hone dijon and fresh ground pepper.   

And the rest of the meal: Salmon. I brushed it with half and half and dijon. I spread it with fresh ground back pepper and seared it on the stove top grill. I paced it in a 350 degree oven for 6 minutes.
The shallots were spilt and sauteed in evoo with shallots. The jasmine rice was cooked per package directions - that 90 minute micro wave rice is moist and tasty.

Wine: Castalia Pinot Noir -excellent!


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Chris Hunter said...

Welcome back! This looks really good (90 second micro rice?). Hope to see more of you here this year. Cuz C1