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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Tortellini and Vegetable Delight

I posted the picture of this dish on Facebook a few weeks ago and promised to add it to Yo Jo What's for Dinner. I have been pretty lazy of late in keeping this blog going.  Life gets in the way - both the good moments and the not so good.  Recent " not so goods"  blew the steam out of me and reminded me  just how precious life is.  When those nearest and dearest to me face challenges it seems the world gets a little distorted.   As they improve,  focus is returning but  the courage and grace shown by these individuals will not fade.  They indeed are strong people!

 And the good moments also remind me how precious life is - what better place to laugh and remember the innocence of youth, than a class reunion!!  "Oh my god it's (fill in the blank)! was the most often heard phrase as recognition set in or the question "who are you" was answered.

 The food and the wine were nothing to write about but the friends and laughter were plentiful - it truly was fun. Even my spouse joined in the spirit of it all.  The best part was seeing "boy" friends from the elementary days. We along with another were inseparable during the grade school years, and we remained  friends throughout high school and for a few years after - then we disappeared from each others lives following different paths, developing careers and creating families.  My most loyal followers on this blog are a dear classmate and his wife.  As the evening came to a close, he urged me to get back to blogging and I promised I would. And here I am!  Thanks Mark and Ellen - and the next time let's truly share some French wine!

Back to the dish.  A tortellini and vegetable delight!

The three cheese tortellini was cooked according to package direction. Wild mushrooms, onion, scallions,chopped prosciutto, red bell pepper were sauteed in evoo and a tad of butter. When slightly brown all were removed from the heat. Chicken broth and vermouth were added to the pan and reduced.  The vegetables were added back to the pan,along with frozen peas and fresh ground black pepper.  When the peas were soft they were poured over the plated  tortellini and topped with a generous amount of parmesan. 

The wine: Simi Pinot Noir. A decent accompaniment to a quick pasta dinner.