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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Tuna and Rice Medley

Hello friends, it has been a while. A family member (at the 32nd Annual Martin Lally Golf Memorial Outing) commented on one of my blog cookbooks, "You must have a love affair with food..."

And yes, I have missed my "lover."  I Mike will not be jealous, he too has been missing my food.

So here is a recent special one.

The Rice:  The slivered green onions, olives and capers were sauteed in olive oil. This mixture was stirred into Uncle Ben's Jasmine "Ready Rice."

The Tuna: The fresh tuna was coated with honey dijon and fresh ground pepper. The tuna was cooked on a grill pan at a very high heat until it was rare to medium.  It was served on a bed of the rice.

Delicious!! And a rare success in cooking tuna filets.

The Wine: Donum. The best and my husbands very favorite. It is quite hard to get but I found it on  absolutely wonderful!