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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mushroom Agnolotti with Mushroom Sauce

HELLO Friends! It has been too long. Work has not only derailed my blog, it has derailed my cooking. Certainly my creative cooking. But this dish, made last week, was just too good not to share!

The agnolotti was purchased at the grocery and the sauce had to be quick.

The Sauce. A dried mushroom mixture was placed in hot water while the garlic was sauteed in olive oil. Mushroom bullion, chicken broth, the dried mushroom liquid and marsala wine was added to the pot and reduced. Diced shallot was sauteed in a tad of butter and fresh ground pepper was added when the shallot was soft. My spouse liked the sauce so much he enjoyed the last of it with crusty bread.

The agnolotti was cooked according to the package and then topped with the shallots and sauce. The dish was finished with a generous portion of freshly grated parmesan.

The Side. Broccoli was drizzled with chicken broth and cooked in the micro wave.

The Wine: HK Generations Pinot Noir. Always Good.

A great meal for a cold winter night. I'll be back soon - promise!


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The Sullivans said...

I have missed your recipes! I have never heard of agnolotti but I bet I can get it at our local pasta shop. I found the recipe interesting and if the result merits a Pinot Noir, it must be good!

Bonne année de France.