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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Arugula/Spinach Pockets and Chicken with Sausage

I had some pie dough left over and thought about an appetizer I had recently seen in a magazine. Mine did not look like the magazine' on.

The mixture....

The arugula, spinach, goat cheese and chopped onion mix was placed on a square of a prepared pie dough (a square was one-half of one half of what was in the container), which was folded in half and then pinched on the ends. It was baked at 400 degrees until the pie dough was done.

The pockets

I thought it would be a nice substitute for a salad and bread. The taste far surpassed the look of the finished pockets which resembled bloated bow ties! When I try it again, I will use puff pastry or phyllo.

The Chicken with Chicken-Jalepeno Sausage

The flattened chicken tenders were browned in evoo. The prepared chicken-jalepeno sausage was cut into rounds and added to the skillet and browned. I then added chicken broth, lemon juice and reduced the liquid. Cherry tomatoes were stirred in immediately prior to serving.

The wine. Sancerre
. It really held up to the chicken-sausage dish.

We both agreed that the pockets (prepared with puff pastry) and the wine would have been a complete dinner!


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