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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Salmon, Asparagus and Cauliflower - Wegman's Style

Spent this past weekend with family -sister, cousin and her husband, my mom and aunt. Grand time, as it always is when family generations get together. And what a treat - Wegman's. It was much more than grocery shopping it was as my aunt pointed out a culinary tour. I did none of the cooking but enjoyed the shopping and did bring a few goodies home, namely Wegman's basting oil.

Entree: Cedar Plank Salmon

The salmon was coated on both sides with Wegman's Basting Oil which includes garlic and several herbs. The cedar plank was heated and the salmon was cooked following Weber Grill instructions.

Sides: Roasted Asparagus and Roasted Cauliflower

I don't often cook cauliflower - I really can't recall ever, but my cousin prepared it on a cooking stone and it was very tasty so I wanted to give it a try. The cauliflower was basted in the Wegman's Oil and roasted for about 20 minutes on the preheated stone at 400 degrees.

The asparagus was also basted with the Oil and roasted for about ten minutes on the stone. It was topped with browned pine nuts and shallots; lemon zest and parmesan.

Both veggies were very good. So thanks to my cousin and to Wegman's for the ideas!

Wine: Etude Pinot Noir. A very good accompaniment to the dinner and a nice celebration for the end of tax season!!