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Monday, February 4, 2013

The Tray and Quiche

Remember the picture of the tray in my last posting - well my friends Mark and Ellen identified the maker and I also heard from my sister-in-law who remembers the tray -"my parents got it for a wedding present and used it every holiday... "

Not quite sure how I ended up with the tray - probably one of those items not "seized" during the divorce. Records, cookbooks, paintings yes, .....but not the tray. So being an "attachment to family things" person that I am, I will pack it up and send it to my SIL so she can use it on her holidays with her husband, and twin son and daughter (who unfortunately never met the grandma and grandpa who filled that tray every Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter).

Quiche Lorraine (or similar)

On the subject of family "stories," my recent preparation of a Quiche led me to share a story with my husband whose side glance told me he had heard this more than once or that he was having a hard time believing I would "do such a thing!"

Quiche Lorraine was very "trendy" around the time of needing to choose a baby name for the daughter or son that was about to be...I loved the sound of quiche lorraine and thought it a wonderful combination of two words. I therefore suggested it as a name for a daughter. The husband/father was aghast "no daughter of mine is going to think she is a custard pie!" "No,no", I replied, "we won't spell it Quiche, I thought we could spell it Keish." He was not convinced, so alas we chose another name. When the time came and we had to officially name our baby girl, we gave the first name we had chosen, and then we were asked for a middle name, he immediately said "Lorraine." Surprised, I waited until we were alone and asked why Lorraine? He said "I thought that is what you wanted ..." I groaned "only with Keish" I responded. But what was done, was done. When my daughter was little she liked the story of how she got her middle name but as she grew older I think she shares my current husband's reaction.

So the Quiche
I sauteed a few small strips of bacon, shallots and broccoli. I mixed three eggs, two whole and one just the egg white, about a cup and a half of guyere and about a 1/4 c of half and half. In a store bought pie crust I layered the bottom with the bacon, shallot and broccoli and then poured in the egg and cheese mixture. I cooked according to the directions on the pie crust package.

To my sister-in-law - I will send you the tray
To my daughter - my apologies (again)
To all others

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