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Monday, January 14, 2013

Just Pasta with Marinara

A laid-back friday night... Earlier in the day I was in the area of a little italian grocery that makes good pasta sauce. Knowing that we had some newly arrived Italian wines in our "wine closet" made for an easy and quick dinner decision.

The salad: Tossed with parm croutons.

Romaine lettuce was combined with cherry tomatoes, olives, celery, chopped onion and parmasan cracker bits. I had made these crackers (NYT recipe, blogged Feb. 28, 2011) for our Christmas Brunch and many of them broke. I think I took them out of the oven too soon or used more parmesan then the recipe called for. Anyway I did not want to toss them, so I froze them knowing that I would find "some use" for them. They were a great addition to this salad. The dressing was evoo, white wine vinegar, dried oregano, and basil, and fresh ground pepper. I added a sliver of blue cheeses to my husbands plate.

The Pasta: Whole Wheat Pasta with DioGuardi's Marinara.

I am trying to serve more whole wheat items and this was a new brand (la Molisana) to me, and it was fine. I also steamed zucchini strips, julienned on a mandolin, and added it to the pasta strands before topping with the sauce and lots of fresh grated parmesan.

The wine: Stroppiana Barolo
Very Nice with the pasta.
And a little candle light - nice dinner!


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