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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

It is hard to believe it is 2013. But it is and I am sure some of you celebrated in grand fashion while others just slept through the ball dropping. I do like to set goals for new years, but before I do I always like to think back. 2012 is almost a blur in that it went by so fast. There were a few blips, but nothing major or at least major compared to what others among my close circle and the wider world endured. So as I shared some champagne on New Year's Day with "my man," we toasted our happiness and our blessed life.

I try very hard not to take happiness or blessings for granted and it is not just because I am Irish Catholic! Very recently I was reminded of a not so happy time. Among my cookbooks I found a 3x5 note paper, dated late 2002, upon which I had jotted some "want to dos... " I made all kinds of lists back then. My career was going well but my personal life, not so good and making lists was suppose to be a way to control what was "going out of control". Looking at the items on the list, I was also reminded that many times the curves in life are meant to be... Some of the "wants" surprised me - most have come to fruition, some with deliberation and determination, and much help and support of family and friends, but others just happened without realizing that I had "hoped" for them. My mother was visiting, so reviewing the items and declaring them "done," made it extra special.

Let me share them with you:

2002 Travel: Ireland, Italy and California Wine Country. UPDATE Been to Italy (2011), been to wine country (2006 and 2007) and scheduled for Ireland in the Fall of 2013.

2002 Fine a new home, sell the house in Indiana. UPDATE Done and Done (in 2003)

2002 Pay all my outstanding debt. UPDATE Debt free for several years!

2002 Read books again UPDATE Many, many.

2002 Dance with a man again UPDATE Have I ever!

2002 Help daughter financially, if needed. UPDATE Able yes, but she never asked for much.

2002 Write a cookbook to heal. UPDATE I did not write a cookbook, but I do have this blog (started 2010). I am not real clear on why I thought a cookbook would make me heal, but I have more than healed! I still would like to do a cookbook, well maybe a dinner idea book.

2002 Stop hating, even if it hurts. UPDATE I do not hate, I do not hurt. But will not forget!

2002 Marriage or at least a commitment with love. UPDATE Married. And in case my earlier blogs have not revealed it, I am deeply in love, and extremely happy with the very caring and good man that I married in 2006. And he loves my cooking!!!

End of my list. Imagine (excuse me John Lennon) if we could only make a list for the world...

In closing, here's hoping your past curves were for reasons that are now understood; you are surrounded by good friends and family; you are at peace with the present; and optimistic about the future.


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