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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tuna Salad on Olive Bread

With the wonderful taste of the kalamata olive bread still lingering from the recent heirloom tomato entrée (previous post)I used it to make a 'next day meal."

There are many recipes for tuna salad and I usually prepare it differently every time.

Tonight’s Tuna Salad: In a food processor I blended onion, bread and butter pickles, oo mayonnaise, and the tuna, then mixed with a few capers and seasoned with ground black pepper. The salad was spread on slightly toasted olive bread and topped with lettuce and tomato.

Side: Julienned Peppers and Farmers Market mini Carrots. I tossed the peppers and carrots with thinly sliced onion, rice vinegar and a tad sprinkle of sugar.

Simple and enjoyable.


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