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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Shrimp-Chicken Kabobs and Asparagus and Corn Risotto

The local grocery had Florida gulf shrimp (I will not purchase shrimp from various international locations after hearing an NPR special last year) and I had an extra ear of unhusked fresh corn from the night before. Most importantly I was in search of a meal that would go well with a bottle of one of our favorite white wines which we had recently purchased.

I found a risotto dish with asparagus and corn in the Bistro-Style Cuisine cookbook, which also includes the shrimp and chicken sausage kabobs which I have prepared in the past (see post August 23, 2010).

The kabobs would also give me the opportunity to use a set of kabobs which my mother found for me. I must admit they are trickier to use than the standard straight ones, but they look clever!

Entrée: Shrimp and Chicken Sausage Glazed Kabobs. The sausage that I use for most recipes is a package of precooked jalapeño chicken sausages (very mild). I cubed them so that they were slightly smaller than the shrimp, not wanting to over cook the sausage or undercook the shrimp. I cubed the pineapple approximately the same size.

For the glaze I combined apple juice, fresh ginger, honey, garlic, and a splash of sherry ( I did not have any brandy) and heated to blend the flavors. I tossed in fresh chives and thyme.

The kabobs were basted before putting them on the grill, flipped and basted again. Beware it is not easy to flip semi circular kabob holders!

Side dish: Risotto with Corn, Asparagus and Fresh Basil. The corn was removed from the cob and the asparagus was cut on the diagonal and set aside. The garlic and shallot were heated in evoo. The risotto was added and cooked with chicken stock (following the method on the risotto package). Five minutes before the rice was done I added the asparagus and corn, and parmesan cheese. I seasoned with fresh ground black pepper and lemon zest and placed in the bowl. The risotto was topped with more parmesan and fresh basil.

The evening weather was perfect and the dishes were excellent, blending flavors and textures of summer. All were a great accompaniment to a great wine!

The wine: Cutrer from Sonoma Cutrer Vineyard.


p.s. before closing today’s post here’s to Julia Child on her 100th birthday!

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