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Monday, March 26, 2012

Salad with Endive and Sea Bass in Broth

March 26, 2012

Hello followers, friends and family. Taking time to review and edit my previous entries proved to be a tad boring for me. So please forgive my typos in past blogs and the absence of details – when I edit my final version for that all “American novel” I will hire a proof reader, until then I am just going to plan, cook, dine and enjoy!

Today’s entry like the ones that will immediately follow were enjoyed during January, February and earlier this month.

This meal included several favorites.

First Course: Salad with Endive Stuffed with Blue Cheese. When I lived in Indiana and had the pleasure of attending many dinners and activities at Forest Hills County Club (If you follow golf, this is the club where Bo VanPelt learned the game). One of the items served before dinner was an endive stuffed with a blue cheese and garlic mixture. Each time I see endive at the grocery I am reminded of this very tasty and tangy appetizer.

For this meal I placed it along the salad plate. Radicchio, Boston lettuce, cherry tomatoes and onion were splashed with balsamic vinaigrette consisting of balsamic vinegar, evoo, and ground black pepper. The softened blue cheese was mixed with garlic, oozed thru a garlic press, and a small amount of cream cheese to cut the sharpness.

Entrée: Sea Bass in Broth. I offered this entrée previous but as you know by now I never prepare anything exactly the same way twice (or almost never).

For the broth I sautéed shallots and added chicken broth, sherry and seafood demi-glace. I reduced the broth and then simmered to keep it warm. I brushed the sea bass with ground pepper and a splash of half and half. I cooked the sea bass on a hot skillet for 3 minutes on one side, flipped and cooked for 50 seconds. I then put the oven proof skillet in the oven for 12 minutes at 350 degrees. I placed the sea bass in the bowl and poured the broth over it.

Side: Roasted Asparagus. The asparagus is splashed with evoo and roasted in the oven at 350 for 15-20 minutes.

Wine: Robert Stemmler Pinot Noir. This has always been a favorite but we were unable to get it for period of time, but one day it popped up on one of the wine websites we follow.


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