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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Chopped Salmon Salad and Asparagus Soup

Soup and salad - Another one of those times I looked in the frig and pantry to see what I had available and then looked through a few cookbooks. I was all for keeping it simple.

I was in recovery - from yet another baking disaster. It was a cold rainy day and I had nothing on my work calendar or to do list. So I decided what a perfect day to make bread – a flatbread recipe from the Mediterranean Diet cookbook that I had not made for several years. I eagerly drove to the grocery to get yeast (not something I keep in my pantry). The feelings and aromas that I associate with making bread, domestic, cozy, warm, fresh …were emerging.

But alas, it is like the item of clothing that has been hanging in your closet and you wonder why you have not worn it for months, maybe closer to a year - so you put it on, go off to office or a meeting and within a short time you become well aware of why you have left it hanging in the closet!

And such was the bread – I lost control of the dough and lost the battle!! There was sticky dough and flour on all surfaces of the kitchen and on me. Looking around I remembered vividly why I had not made the @#!xxx@! bread in years. My last act was to punch that mass of dough down (once again) as I stretched it on to a cookie sheet and shoved it into the oven... admitting once again my total responsibility for not following the directions, precisely.

I did serve pieces of “It” that evening and just told my husband that it was suppose to be tough and bland – after all it was “flatbread!!”

Okay back to the simple soup and salad.

Salad: Chopped Salmon Salad. I originally saw this recipe in the Sonoma Diet Cookbook but adapt it to what I have on hand. This particular day it was chopped Romaine, green onion, olives, capers, red bell pepper and smoked salmon. For the dressing I mixed evoo, lemon juice, a very small amount of sugar and fresh ground pepper.

Soup: Asparagus Soup. I sautéed onions, garlic, and chopped asparagus and then pureed them. I mixed the puree with chicken broth, a squeeze of tomato paste and dash of cayenne and simmered until the flavors were mixed and the liquid had reduced slightly.

I made parmesan crisps by shredding the cheese and putting spoonfuls on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper, baking for a few minutes until melted and crisp. I topped the soup with the crisps prior to serving.

Simple, but tasty.


1 comment:

The Sullivans said...

SO glad you are back. I enjoy your mix of stories and recipes.

A year ago, I made parmesan chips to put on the tomato soup that I had made with tomatoes from my garden. Between the time I placed the chips on the soup and the time I served the soup, the chips all melted in the hot broth.

Nice flavor addition but nothing to show for my extra work!