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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Chicken with Sherry Orange Glaze

This is a recipe that I adapted from the Mediterranean Diet Cookbook's entry for Spanish Roast Chicken with Sherry-Orange Glaze. I am surprised I had not tried it previously since it calls for two tastes I really like - orange marmalade and sherry.
As I have for other chicken dishes, I used a grocery store prepared roasted chicken. They are moist,freshly roasted and easily deboned - I am no Julia Child, I pull the meat off the bone!

Entree: Chicken with Sherry-Orange Glaze. The MDC's recipe called for rubbing a mixture of garlic, cumin and sherry inside and out and glazing the chicken half way during roasting. I merely just made the glaze and served it on top of the boneless, skinless chicken breasts.

The glaze: I combined a fourth of a cup sherry, a half of cup of orange marmalade, a dash of cumin, and a fourth of a cup of fresh orange juice and reduced it until thickened.

Sides: Wild Rice with Sauteed Mushrooms. The rice was cooked in half water and half chicken broth. The mushrooms were sauteed with garlic in olive oil and seasoned with fresh ground black pepper.The rice was mixed with the mushrooms prior to serving.
Green Beans. The beans were steamed in chicken broth.

Wine: 2009 Hook and Ladder Sangiovese


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