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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mushrooms, Champagne and Me

Sometimes it is all about ME! On a late summer Friday evening my spouse was at a day long golf outing and we would not be sharing our usual relaxing Friday night at home, usually accompanied by appetizers and wine while we caught up on the week, or talked about the weekend. Missing my spouse was one thing but I was not about to miss my "relax" time. I had thought about calling friends for dinner, or stopping by a nearby favorite restaurant, but knew that there were two items that I could enjoy right at home all by myself.

I have posted the sauteed mushrooms inspired by the recipe in "French Women Don't get Fat" previously but as with most dishes there is a variation.

Tonight's fare: Sauteed Mushrooms on Crusty Bread. I sauteed shallots and a diced glove of garlic in a small amount of butter and evoo and then added the diced mushrooms and some chopped fresh thyme. When the mushrooms were soft I added fresh ground pepper, tossed a in a bit of sherry and let it reduce. In the meantime I brushed the slices of baguette with evooo and toasted under the broiler.

Taking the mushroom mixture, toasts and Veuve Cliquot to the deck, I sat back enjoying the summer evening and reminding myself just how very fortunate and blessed "ME" is!

Spouse did get home in time to have a glass of the bubbly.


Chicken with Sherry Orange Glaze

This is a recipe that I adapted from the Mediterranean Diet Cookbook's entry for Spanish Roast Chicken with Sherry-Orange Glaze. I am surprised I had not tried it previously since it calls for two tastes I really like - orange marmalade and sherry.
As I have for other chicken dishes, I used a grocery store prepared roasted chicken. They are moist,freshly roasted and easily deboned - I am no Julia Child, I pull the meat off the bone!

Entree: Chicken with Sherry-Orange Glaze. The MDC's recipe called for rubbing a mixture of garlic, cumin and sherry inside and out and glazing the chicken half way during roasting. I merely just made the glaze and served it on top of the boneless, skinless chicken breasts.

The glaze: I combined a fourth of a cup sherry, a half of cup of orange marmalade, a dash of cumin, and a fourth of a cup of fresh orange juice and reduced it until thickened.

Sides: Wild Rice with Sauteed Mushrooms. The rice was cooked in half water and half chicken broth. The mushrooms were sauteed with garlic in olive oil and seasoned with fresh ground black pepper.The rice was mixed with the mushrooms prior to serving.
Green Beans. The beans were steamed in chicken broth.

Wine: 2009 Hook and Ladder Sangiovese