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Friday, September 9, 2011


This morning I will change it up a little from a daily dinner idea to answer a question from one of my followers. "I bought a bottle of capers, but am unsure when to use them...?"

According to the Silver Palate "The New Basics" capers are the unopened bud of a shrub that grow wild all over the Mediterranean, North Africa and India. The largest and fleshiest are from Sicily. The green buds are hand picked before sunrise while they are tightly closed and then pickled." The writers of the cookbook state that they use them to add "zip" to sauces, a variety of seafood, meat, vegetables etc.

I find myself using them in recipes for tuna, salmon, olive tapanade, certain tomato sauces. I also used them in the recent ratatouille dish. My favorite use of capers is in Chicken Piccata (shown here in the little white cup)...the lemon and capers combine to make a superb flavor.

Try them....


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