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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Salmon with Orange Sauce

This is the 100th post of "Yo Jo What's For Dinner"

Years ago, although again it seems like just a couple, I enjoyed a salmon dish in a favorite restaurant in Philadelphia - DiLullo's (I think that it is how it was spelled) no longer exists. I had ate there on a few special occasions, but this particular evening was a business dinner. There was an orange sauce on the salmon that was absolutely delicious. I have ordered salmon with a citrus sauce many times and more times tried to duplicate the tender salmon and sauce. This is the closest I have come and it was quite good!

Entree: Salmon with Orange Sauce. The sauce was one part Marsala, two parts chicken broth and three parts orange juice. I reduced the sauce while the Salmon, brushed with olive oil and ground pepper was under the broiler. I brushed the broiling Salmon with a little of the sauce and removed it from the oven broiler just as the top side began to brown, making sure of course that it was done to a moist texture but not underdone.

Side: Brussel Sprouts with Prosciutto and Shallots. The sauteed shallots and prosciutto were tossed with boiled then browned brussel sprouts.

Wine: Passalacqua Zin


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