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Monday, June 20, 2011

Bucatini with Mushroom Sauce

Trying to make up for neglecting my blog and the few followers I have, so here is a second entry today.

This dish was inspired by the array of dried mushrooms at my favorite grocer, the pasta memories of Italy and the recently enjoyed morels picked by the owner of a local restaurant...yes he scours the fields, picks them and prepares them himself for his restaurant guests. A very small plate is pricey, but well worth it, particularly with a nice great Cabernet. But now to my sauce.

Entree: Pasta with Mushroom Sauce. I soaked morels, chantrelles,and porcini mushrooms in hot water. I sauteed shallots,garlic, cremini and shitake mushrooms in olive oil and a tad of butter. When the dried mushrooms were ready I mixed them in. I added chicken broth, Madeira, chicken demi glace and reduced the liquid.

As the bucatini was draining I added a tad of butter and a tablespoon of half and half to the mushroom sauce and seasoned with fresh ground black pepper and mixed in chopped basil.

Side: Broccolini. The broccolini was steamed in chicken broth.

Wine: Two, a wine recommended by the restaurateur that I mentioned above.

It was one of those meals, that reminded me of why I taught myself to cook, and why I make the food that I like. No, it is not just about me...really. Fortunately my husband shares my tastes in food and he truly enjoyed this dish (good thing)!


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