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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Onions and more Onions Soup

One more soup and then winter will need to be OVER!

The Soup: This soup included, shallots, yellow onion, purple onions and leeks. All were sauteed with chopped garlic on low heat until soft. I had a can of onion soup so I tossed that in along with bold beef broth and bold chicken broth. I simmered this for about an hour. The soup was seasoned with fresh ground black pepper, and prior to serving I added sherry. A piece of toasted crusty bread was topped with thinly sliced Pecorina Romano and placed on top of the bowled soup.

The wine: A local winery opened about 18 months ago, and there are a couple of the reds wine that are enjoyable. This bottle of Velluto Pinor Noir was another Christmas gift from a relative.


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