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Monday, February 21, 2011

Campanelle with Vodka Sauce, Artichokes and Salmon

When I was dating my husband he surprised me one night when he actually served a meal not out of a bag. It was pasta with vodka sauce (from a jar) and artichokes (from a jar). It wasn't bad so a few weeks later I made it but added smoked salmon which gave it an entirely different taste. He really liked it and somehow over the past few years when he talks about cooking when he was living by himself he describes this dish as his specialty. I'll let him have that "memory."

When we were in Italy last fall we had a dish made with a pasta that we had not seen before...almost looked like a small conch shell, but more open at one end. I recently found similar looking pasta in the grocery - Barilla's Campanelle.

Entree: Campanelle with Vodka Sauce, Artichokes and Salmon. I grilled a piece of salmon, cut into bite sized pieces and tossed with the cooked pasta, vodka sauce (jar), and artichokes, and topped with grated Parmesan. Although it was good, I think I prefer the smoked salmon. So the next time I will ask him to make "his specialty."

Wine: Robert Stemler Pinot Noir. Nice!!!


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