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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chicken Piccata Pasta

I did not plan ahead for this meal and in checking the freezer I had one half of a chicken breast. Certainly not enough for our favorite chicken piccata. Staring into my pantry and of course seeing pasta...I thought why not...chicken piccata pasta and better yet stacked like so many of the pasta dishes I recently enjoyed in Italy. And it would be a one dish meal!

Entree: Chicken Piccata Pasta. The chicken breast was chopped into bite size pieces and browned in olive oil and then removed from the skillet. The zucchini strips (the only variation to the usual chicken piccata) was sauteed and set aside. White wine and chicken broth were added to the pan and reduced. The lemon juice was stirred in. The chicken and zucchini were returned to the pan and the capers were added.

The cooked pasta was plated and the chicken, zucchini and sauce were poured over the pasta. Fresh Parmesan was grated over the mixtures and arugula adorned the top.

I thought it was totally scrumptious...but alas, for my spouse, the pasta was missing red sauce!

Wine: Hook and Ladder Pinot Noir


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