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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Rome Inspired Pasta Jo 1 an 2

As promised from my last entry here are two dishes that were inspired by our meals that last night out in Rome. The first was without red sauce and my husband "liked it," but the second one with sauce he "loved."

Entrée 1: Penne Pasta with Goat Cheese, Cherry Tomatoes and Crispy ZucchiniThe zucchini was thinly julienned with a mandolin and tossed with Parm cheese and roasted in oven. The cooked pasta was tossed with goat cheese, and then the tomatoes, crispy zucchini and ground black pepper were added in. The zucchini clumped, but the dish was tasty.

Entrée 2: Pasta with Mushrooms, Crisp Zucchini and Marinara SauceI found “bucatini” pasta in the local Italian Deli. It is a round thick, very long pasta,
I julienned the zucchini as before but this time roasted them alone. Because they are so thin they do not take long in the oven. While warm I tossed them with the Parm. They did not clump as much but still were not like what I had in Rome. So I will take this on as a challenge. The mushrooms were sauted in olive oil. The pasta went in the dish, then the topped with sauce, followed by the mushrooms and then the crisp zucchini.

I forgot to note the wine we enjoyed with each of these dishes, but I know it was red!


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