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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pasta Roma... Pasta Jo

On our last night in Rome I chose a restaurant for its name (similar to the new granddaughter's) and the ad featured the chef, a female. Call it uncanny, but I have never randomly chosen a restaurant in a "new" city and been disappointed. One of my best was the "Chardonnay" in Naples Florida. At that time my wine of choice was chardonnay. I have dined there three times on return trips and was never disappointed. I am not sure if it still exists, but I hope it does. Now back to Rome. From the moment we were greeted and shown to a table at Clemente Alla Maddalena, we knew we had chosen well. Fresh roses on the table ...and the wine list included several choices of Brunello and Barolo wines. It was a night to splurge...I had limited my shopping to one Italian scarf, so my vacation budget could adequately cover a very good bottle of wine.

First course: Roasted Porcini Mushrooms. We were advised that this was the season for Porcini mushrooms and an order would make a good first course. We shared an order and savored each bite.

Entrees: My husband chose the Tagliolini with Shrimp, and Artichokes, but immediately asked if it had "red sauce." It did. Remember he has a hard time eating pasta without red sauce. I chose the Pasta with Parmigiano, Ewe Cheese, Crisp Zucchini and Pepper. Both sounded ordinary, but so far the pasta dishes that we had enjoyed in Italy, surpassed anything we made at home. Plus we wanted something that would compliment the wine. We do have priorities. Neither dish disappointed us, and I was particularly enamored by the crisp zucchini and made a mental note to recreate this dish in some form at home, I just needed to figure out how they crisped the zucchini.

Wine: 2005 Dagromis Barolo. A fine, fine bottle.It was a grand way to end our 12 day trip, Rome, Tuscany and back to Rome for this last night.

To be continued....Next entry, my inspired dishes, Pasta Jo, from these entrees.


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Les Sullivans said...

delightful descriptions, beautiful pictures. Bravo!