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Monday, November 15, 2010


Yes it was Tuscany....for those who read under the Tuscan Sun (1997 - hard to believe it was that long ago) and imagined what the Tuscan region would be like...well it was just as imagined. Breathtaking, vineyards, olive trees, rolling hills and "peachy-pink" homes and villas.

The Villa that we stayed in for four nights produced wine and olive oil. The wines were very good, and the Olive Oil was just bottled. Superb!!!

I did take a cooking class from the young assistant evening to remember. I will post photos on a later blog.

There was so much good food and places that we ate, and tasted wine, that I could do days of blogs on just that, but then what would you do for dinner!!

So I will return to my cooking ideas....for know imagine Tuscany and its splendor.


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