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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Life and food are good

You probably have not missed me as much as I have missed you... I could talk about how busy I have been, traveling with my job, visiting family and being stymied with a computer glitch...but I won't because in the whole scheme of things life is good. And thank you to one of my followers for your comment about appreciating the connection between wine and food. Remember it is not about eating, it is about dining.

I was in a meeting recently planning an event and someone who I had just met said " are a foodie, aren"t, you?"

And yes I guess I on the eve of leaving for a once in a life time vacation and sincerely apologizing to my small group of followers I give you some recent dining pics...


1 comment:

Lois said...

where's the once in a lifetime vacation? wherever, I hope you have a marvelous time!