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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sandwich and Soup

And before we talk food, let us remember May 4 1970, lest we ever forget....Kent State University.

Some evenings collide with busy schedules and what is quicker than soup and sandwich, but these can still be creative and tasty.

Soup: Roasted Red Pepper Soup in a box (soup in a box is acceptable but not wine). Sherry was added to the soup while it was heating.

Sandwich: Three cheese with tomato and arugula on multi wheat. Shaved Parmesan was combined with Swiss and cheddar cheese. A small amount of butter was added to the skillet and the sandwiches were browned on each side. The arugula and tomato were added.

Side: A dill pickle.

Beverage: Bottled Fiji. I know!! As my daughter reminds me, bottled water is not very eco friendly. (I could have lied and said we just had a glass of water.)


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