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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Mom's Day Luncheon

Not knowing the exact number who "might drop by," makes preparation a little difficult, but I planned so that 20 could have a sampling and 10 could have plenty. I also made dishes that could be saved for a later Sunday snack or another lunch or dinner.

Four generations and both of our mom's made the day special. And a gift from my sister, a baby blanket for the newest little family members who visit. Her card carried the quote "the simplest toy, one which even the youngest child can operate is called a grandparent."

The offerings:
Chicken Salad with Blue Cheese:
This dish was adapted from the May 2008 issue of Food and Wine. It recommended using a rotisserie chicken, which I purchased from local grocer. White wine vinegar was mixed with mayo (I used the lower fat mayo with olive oil)and then blue cheese was folded in. This was added to shredded/diced chicken, celery, green and red grapes and seasoned with ground black pepper. I also added scallions and eliminated the sunflower seeds knowing that one of the guests cannot eat nuts.The salad was served with slices of crusty bread and mini buns.

Smoked Salmon Bite Wraps: I was looking for a way to easily serve a favorite dish of smoked salmon,capers, purple onion and cream cheese. Tortillas were spread with cream cheese and topped with smoked salmon, a few salad greens, the onion and capers, and then rolled and cut into fours.

Greek Salad: The usual ingredients, cucumber, onion, red and green peppers were sliced thinly with the mandolin. These were layered along with cherry tomatoes cut in half, black and green olives and feta cheese. The dressing was olive oil, balsamic vinegar, fresh basil and fresh and dried oregano, minced garlic and ground black pepper.

Cheese Platter: The platter included brie, cheddar and goat cheese served with Pecan, rosemary and raisin crisps (my favorite Raincoast Crisps) and standard crackers. Sliced pepperoni was included.

Guests Dishes: Three Bean Salad, A Fresh Fruit Platter, and Angel Food Cake and Strawberries. I typically do not accept offers from guests to "bring something," but not knowing how many would "stop by," I accepted the offer for some family favorites. The offerings were a nice compliment to the other dishes.

Beverages: Bloody Marys, Hook and Ladder Chardonnay, soda, coffee and bottled water.

It ended up that we had eight adults and three little ones so there was plenty of food left. A variety of the items were wrapped up for a brother-in-law who was unable to attend but has reminded all that "Fathers Day is June 20!" Others took home a variety of fruit and the Angel Food Cake and Strawberries.

Later that evening I added salad greens to the left over Greek Salad and three of us enjoyed it for dinner. The day after we enjoyed Chicken Salad Croissants, Three Bean Salad, and fresh fruit for dessert.


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