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Monday, May 17, 2010

Chicken Marsala

My golf buddy wanted specifics when it comes to making Chicken Marsala for her husband, who is also a golf buddy. Did I mention golf? Speaking of golf, I broke 100 yesterday! I shot a 43 on the front nine and 50 on the back nine...I had 4 pars and numerous wasn't a really tough course but it is golf which means anything can happen. Ok, now that I have bragged, back to the chicken that I prepared two days prior to breaking 100.

First Course: "Our Bender Tomatoes." This is the salad which I have offered previously...tomatoes, onion and blue cheese in a balsamic vinaigrette. My version does not compare with the restaurant's signature salad (they have a talent for the best tomatoes all year) but it is a tasty salad to be enjoyed with crusty bread.

Entree: Chicken Marsala. In my initial blog I indicated that this blog would not be about specific recipes but more about ideas and adaptations of recipes.But since my "friend" seemed desperate for details I will try to be helpful.

Pound chicken breasts and dust with flour. Set aside. In a skillet heat a teaspoon of olive oil and a pat of butter. Over medium heat saute shallots and thinly sliced garlic. When slightly brown remove shallots and garlic and set aside. Add a bit more olive oil and a smaller pat of butter and brown the mushrooms. This time I used crimini and shitake (one package of each). I add a small amount of Marsala to the mushrooms as they brown. Remove and set aside. Again add a small amount of olive oil and butter to the skillet and brown the thin chicken breasts. Remove breasts and set aside. Add to the skillet a cup of chicken broth and a half cup of Marsala and reduce.I also add chicken demi glace for a richer flavor. Season with fresh ground black pepper. As the broth reduces return the chicken breasts, mushrooms, shallots and garlic to the skillet until warm. If the liquid is too thick add more Marsala.

Side: Asparagus. The large (I prefer very thin asparagus) asparagus was tossed with olive oil and roasted.

Wine: 2008 Hook and Ladder Pinot Noir. (A phone call earlier in the day from Marcus at Hook and Ladder informed us that this particular wine had just received a 90 rating. He was offering a special order...personal marketing...nice touch)


Next: The dinner enjoyed to celebrate breaking 100!

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