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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tortellini in Pesto

Often when dining we choose the wine first and then order an entree to go with the wine! It is the same with a fresh batch of basil pesto.. It is made now you need to decide what entree to is all about priorities! I had torts in the pantry along with the last of the very thin asparagus so created this dish. It is similar to a dish that we enjoy in a local restaurant but that dish "Tuscan Ravioli" uses cheese ravioli and for this dinner I used tortellini.

In an earlier blog I listed the usual ingredients in my pesto but to repeat: fresh basil, pine nuts, Parmesan and olive oil (I use Lucini). I blend this in a small food processor.

The entree: Torts in Pesto. While the tortellini is cooking, chopped scallions (because I had them leftover) sun dried tomatoes and the already cooked asparagus were quickly sauteed (a minute and then kept warm) The mixture was tossed with the tortellini and another splash of olive oil and topped with grated Parmesan. I topped my husband's portion with walnuts pieces(as does the restaurant version)

Lesson from today...always check the expiration date on packages. When I opened the sun dried tomatoes purchased that day I noticed they were browner and more dry than the package I had just chopped. The label on the back of the new bag indicated an expiration date of more than 12 days ago. I took them back to the store (a large grocery chain just around the corner) to be replaced. All 10 packages on the shelf had the same outdated expiration date! The produce manager "seemed surprised" and offered me a jar of oil packed sun dried tomatoes. I made due.


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