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Monday, April 19, 2010

So So Tuna

The Tuna was not suppose to be so so, but it did not turn out as anticipated. I purchased this beautiful 3 inch thick piece of sushi grade tuna...

First Course: Small Greek Salad. It was the usual combination of feta, tomato, onion, olive combination but the cucumbers were different. I found tiny seedless cucumbers, which are very crisp and fresh tasting.

Entree: Panko Wasabi Crusted Tuna. Panko crumbs, wasabi paste and olive oil were mixed and pressed into the tuna on both sides. The tuna was seared on a very hot grill skillet for two minutes on each side and then finished in the oven for four minutes. As it was sliced the tuna looked perfect, slightly done on the top and bottom and rare inside....but the center slices were cold. Yep, it was still frozen in the very center. I threw some of the slices back on the hot skillet for about a minute and although the tuna was still somewhat moist and tasty it was overcooked!
A small spoon serving of cantaloupe and strawberries were plated with the tuna.

Side: Snow Peas with Pepper Medley. The snow peas and roasted peppers were sauteed in olive oil with a splash of white wine and herbs.

Wine: Donum Pinot Noir

Enjoy, (but make sure the tuna is thawed or you have a hotter skillet)

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