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Monday, April 12, 2010

Dinner Party continued

The dinner party went well..lots of laughs, wine, stories, and the food was good. The only glitch in the evening was that the oven gave out, but fortunately I could use the stove top. I think a new stove is in my future, just have to find the right one.

First Course Appetizers: On my last blog I posted the appetizers, Broiled Feta with Olives and Peppers, and Cucumber Rounds with Salsa. The guests enjoyed them and kept the "chef" company while I tended to my alternative plan on the entree.

Entree:Large Scampi and Jumbo Shrimp on a bed of Zucchini and Leeks. The mandolin was used to cut the zucchini into thin ribbons and the leeks were cut to a similar size. The plan was to toss them with olive oil and a little broth and then roast them in the oven. But after broiling the feta for the appetizer the oven would not kick back on. I ended up sauteing the zucs and leeks in batches on the stove top. I kept them warm while preparing the scampi and shrimp.

Shallots and garlic were sauteed in olive oil and a pat of butter. White wine, chicken broth and seafood demi glace were added. The scampi was added and stirred for several minutes before adding the jumbo shrimp. The zucs and leeks were placed in each dish and topped with two scampi and two shrimp for each guest.

Each guest had a bread plate with reduced balsamic vinegar,olive oil and basil leaf for dipping the crusty bread.

Dessert/last course: Poached Pears and Cheese Platter. The pears were peeled, halved, cored and poached in Marsala. The cheese platter included brie, blue, aged gouda and swiss, as well as grapes. The crackers were a new discovery at the West point Market and were absolutely wonderful. They were Raincoast Crisps, with rosemary, raisin and pecan. Fantastic! One guest had enjoyed another Raincoast Crisp with cranberry. I now have a new favorite "cracker" to serve with the cheese course.

Wine: As mentioned earlier the offerings for the evening were Joel Gott Sauvignon Blanc, pro-mis-Q-us and a third was added with the entree - Simi Sauvignon Blanc.


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