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Friday, April 30, 2010

Chicken Picatta

Yes, if you are a regular reader I posted Chicken Picatta once before...way back on one of those cold days in February. As I said in one of my first blogs I hardly ever make something the same way twice...maybe it is fdd...foodie deficient disorder! So which one looks better? We enjoyed the one in February but this recent one was absolutely delicious.

For this Picatta I made a richer sauce and more of it, adding chicken demi glace, chicken broth, more lemon juice and shallots to white wine and herbs. And used twice as many capers. It was scrumptious!


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Anonymous said...

Sure took you a long time to send this.....hahaha.....I will give it a try and set your blog in my favorites......I see in your interests you name golf as your 4th interest...hmmmmmmm priorities...

your golf partner ..... hahahah