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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Zucchini Strips and Pasta with Veggies

favorite kitchen toys for this dish

Having the right kitchen tools/gadgets can help make preparing and cooking fun. The handheld mandolin on the far right has three different inserts for cutting/slicing. For this dish I used the medium blades to size the zucchini strips similar to the linguine.

The cheese grater is great for shredding cheese while cooking and to use on the table for the freshest of cheese.

The knife was a recent gift is a pleasure to have a very sharp knife, and yes I have cut myself with it a couple of times. Nothing as serious as I did with my favorite serrated blade knife, twice. Years ago (or was that just yesterday!) my daughters high school boyfriend was selling Cutco to make some summer money and he asked if he could practice on us. We ended up buying the knife at a price that rivaled what I would have paid for a set of golf clubs! But as I have mentioned, I was not the primary cook in those days nor a good golfer. So I have thought of this "nice young man" with a very Irish name on occasion. I understand he is now a lawyer so it seems his persuasive powers paid off.

Entree: Zucchini Strips and Pasta with Veggies. To cut down on the amount of pasta for a meal I will often add sautéed zucchini strips. While the pasta is boiling the zucchini strips, sliced shallot and carrots are sauteed with olive oil and a healthy amount of garlic. When the pasta is drained it is mixed with the zucchini mixture and seasoned with fresh ground black pepper. The sundried tomatoes, roasted pine nuts and fresh basil are stirred in and topped with grated Parmesan Cheese.

Wine: Primus Chilean blend of cabernet sauvignon, merlot and carmenère.



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CTBamaFan said...

Looks delicious. Worst I ever cut my finger was using a tomato knife. Almost took the tip off without even knowing first.