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Thursday, March 4, 2010

A garlic dish

If I could write an ode for my little garlic dish I would. It provides a convenient method for creating the freshest dipping oil for good crusty bread.

We found this little garlic dish during a visit to California wine country. We were in a little store in Healdsburg and the potter was there with her display. We should have shipped several home to give as gifts but we thought surely we would be able to find similar "back home."...not.

Garlic Dipping Oil: I start with a whole garlic clove and rub about half of it over the ridges of the bowl. Half of a clove is enough to create a strong garlic taste. Add extra virgin olive oil. The result is a very fresh tasting dip for good crusty bread. I also add various herbs - dried oregano or fresh basil and at time a touch of balsamic vinegar.

Before I had this little dish, I made my dipping oil by crushing the garlic in a press and then adding to the bowl of oil. But this little garlic dish does it better and it has an honored place on the shelves of my pottery collection.

So if you are ever in Healdsburg look for it!


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