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Monday, March 22, 2010

"Basics.." and Firsts

I mentioned in one of my first blogs that a favorite cookbook, "The New Basics," one of the Silver Palate books was falling apart, but that I hated to replace it because I had many notations on the pages...Last week more of the often used pages came loose so I set out to transfer the entire book to a three ring binder. I figured the 800 page book would take me an hour, maybe two to punch and file. It took me at least six, and led to much more...

I found myself reading all of the notations, the interesting side bars by the authors and the sections which included pristine pages, obviously never consulted. I also read the endless hand written planning notes and menus that I had made on note paper and tucked in the pages. I couldn't help but wonder "why did I keep these.." Certainly I did not think that someday I would write a blog. Maybe I figured if I ever became famous someone would include them in my biography!! Right! But I had to admit that these particular hand written lists were not the only ones I had. Others were in other books and journals.

I reached for the first "Silver Palate" cookbook and remembered why I came to embrace these particular cookbooks. I was not the primary cook in my family of three and the purchase of this first book was made during a rather painful period. The mere thought of me purchasing a cookbook was a significant event and it became symbolic of becoming confident and independent not only in the kitchen but in life.

But this blog "promised daily dinner ideas," so I will pause "my story" and offer today my first two attempts at being a "cook."

Entree: Tortellini with Gorgonzola Sauce. As a novice and out to impress I probably did follow the recipe. My accompanying notes claim that it was "Superb." I also noted that we enjoyed Pinot Noir. I was surprised to know that I even knew about Pinot Noir in the early 80s.

Entree: Glazed Blueberry Chicken with blueberry chutney (that was a new word to me). My notes indicate that this second attempt was for my daughter's birthday dinner. My notation states "different, delightful."

It was not long after these two meals my life began to return to normal. Could it have been the food? We just will never know!

To be continued
... and I hope you try the Tortellini or the Chicken...after all these years I think I will attempt them again and this time with one of my favorite Pinot Noirs.


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CTBamaFan said...

Any notes from the terrific meals you made me? I can only imagine, "The dinner and wine were magnificent, the company less than stellar." Thanks for the blog, love reading it. I just skip over the posts with fish in it:)