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Monday, February 15, 2010

MY Greek Salad

A few years ago I swore off Greek salads or anything heart was broken and my life as I had known it for years was shattered in Athens Greece. I never wanted to see a Greek olive or taste Feta cheese again! However if you like olives, and the tangy rich taste of Feta, you can't avoid them forever. So I forgave the Greeks and created MY Greek Salad.

And yes I am happy to report that my heart has not only healed but it is full of love and joy, and my life as I know it today is beautiful! I am sure it was not a direct result of my forgiveness of all that is Greek, but food and dining can be a very powerful attraction for the giver and the receiver!

Intimate dinners enhance relationships and sharing dinners with friends and family add laughter and harmony to our lives.

Now back to MY Greek Salad. Typically it includes, the best olives I can purchase (which sometimes is tough here in Ohio) the freshest Feta I can find, tomatoes (out of season I use "Ugly" tomatoes or small grape tomatoes) cucumbers, purple onion and pieces of hard crusty bread. The dressing is olive oil and balsamic vinegar seasoned with crushed garlic, oregano and black pepper.

This can be made as the full dinner, but I have prepared mini versions for a first course (leaving out the crusty bread). MY Greek Salad has also been enjoyed as a side dish. My daughter helped prepare this a few years ago at a summer family gathering and she chopped the ingredients all the same size and it was a big hit.

There are many recipes for this wonderful salad and mine may not be the best but it is MY Greek Salad and I guess my way of saying I hold no grudges for the people of Greece and their food!


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