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Friday, January 22, 2010

my initial entry

I love to plan meals, pouring over cook books and magazines to find just the right meal...matching my day or matching my mood. Now that I am no longer traveling on a weekly basis for my job (I call it my wifey transition or retirement reluctance period) I have more and more time to plan, cook and shop. I tend to create my own versions of recipes and I do not like to repeat dishes often unless it is really really good.

Over the years I have kept journals, lists, bits of paper listing my favorite dishes and then in more recent years the dishes that I have enjoyed making. These lists include not only the dish, but a reference to the cookbook/magazine, the guest list and menu if a special occasion, and the wine (oh the wine). Just yesterday I found a list of favorite recipes jotted on "McGovern Shriver '72" note paper in the cover of my Julia Child's French Cookbook - yes the same book from the recent movie.

So since I have these collected lists and I do plan on continuing my daily dinner ritual I wanted to share my passion with others...thus this new blog.."yo jo what's for dinner?" It might just make planning and cooking more enjoyable for others.

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