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Friday, January 22, 2010

My favorite sources

Before passing along my initial dinner entry let me share the cookbooks and cooking references that I typically use:
The New Basics Cookbook (Silver Palate Series) My copy has come apart from the binding and I often vow to purchase it in hardback. But I have so many notes int it and the actual book holds a personal place in my cooking heart.
Sonoma Diet (Guttersen, 2005) I like it because its power foods are all my favorites and it "gives you permission" to accompany meals with wine.
West Point Market Cookbook (Vernon 2008) Published by one of my favorite grocery stores. It is probably a good thing that the store is at least 25 miles away or I would be bankrupt.
Bistro-Style Cuisine (Pence 2002). I bought this on one of those lonely nites strolling Borders in 2003. I probably have prepared at least 50 percent of the recipes beginning with the very first one for a new guy I was dating. He is now my husband.

My other favorites that I use for very special occasions or to look for the correct way/proper ingredients are:
The Art of Mastering French Cooking (of course). It was actually my first husband's but he left it for me because he was going to a place that had one. (another story):
Bouchon (Thomas Keller) It is a heavy book but if you want to do it right it is worth it. We had by birthday dinner last week at the Bouchon in Vegas
Jamie Oliver's Kitchen. Jamie reminds me of my son-in-law who is a grand cook
Mediterranean Diet (Jenkins, 1994) It reminds me of the right way to eat.
My newest cookbook is the Flat Belly Diet Cookbook. It has some interesting recipes that I try to prepare at least twice a week. It is a nice break from heavier meals with wine. The Diet does not encourage wine and it is hard to prepare four meals a day but it makes us feel good that we are trying to flatten our bellys!

Most often I refer to my cooking magazines for ideas...some of the best that I have prepared are inspired by ideas from Food and Wine, Gourmet and Cooking Light and occasionally the Food section in the New York Times.

There you have a background of where I get my ideas. My next Blog will be a suggested meal.

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