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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Sea Bass with Tomatoes and Prosciutto

This dish was quite surprising - in a most delicious way! I did not like the original recipe, Sea Bass with White Beans and Tomato Vinaigrette, so I left out the beans.

What I did like was the recipe included prosciutto and dried porcini mushrooms. The recipe actually included just the mushroom broth. So I diced the soft porcini mushrooms and added them to the rice.

 The tomatoes were chopped and marinated in evoo, and balsamic vinegar, seasoned with oregano and set aside.

The recipe sautéed prosciutto  and leeks, but I substituted shallots for the leeks.

To recap,
 Entree:  Grilled Sea Bass served on top of proscuitto and shallots, and topped with the marinated tomatoes. The mushroom flavored liquid (with a splash of cream sherry) had been reduced and fresh ground pepper was added. The taste of the broth was superb and the combination of the tomatoes, prosciutto, shallots and sea bass was absolutely delicious!

Side: Rice with Diced Mushrooms.  I used my usual 90 second rice and added the reduced mushroom broth and and diced mushrooms. Grated parmesan was grated on top prior to serving.

Wine: Long time favorite: Sonoma Cutrer

This meal made me believe the "old Jo" just might  be back! My spouse also thought so too!


Saturday, March 24, 2018

Grilled Tuna

Nothing new with this dinner of grilled Tuna. Coating it with honey mustard and  freshly ground black pepper is our "go to" recipe.
 We have found it quick, easy and tasty.

Entree:  Coat the pieces of ahi tuna with honey dijon and freshly ground black pepper. Grill to medium.

Side: Potato Medley with Shallots.  The shallots are sliced thin and mixed with the potatoes. Pepper and tarragon are added. The mixture is wrapped in foil and baked in a 350 degree oven for 45-50 minutes. 
Kalamata olive bread served with the meal. The grocer did not have the usual olive bread but offered a Ciabatta loaf with olives. It was drier and we enjoyed it less.

The Wine: Tule Pinot Noir. Tasty as always.


Saturday, March 10, 2018

Molasses Coated Salmon

For those followers with keen memories......June 4, 2013 I posted a salmon entree that I was pleased with and of course, it had a story......

My youngest sister and her husband were visiting this past week (March 2018). My brother in- law grew up near Pittsburgh, so it was most appropriate to pull out my recipe for "Pittsburgh" prepared salmon.  It was an adaptation of a  "Pittsburgh Fillet," an entree on the menu at a western PA restaurant  You can find the story on the earlier post.

And we were having such a great visit, I forgot to take photos of the meal this time. Thank goodness for the archives.

First Course: Caprese. Miniature Mozzarella balls and grape tomatoes drizzled with evoo and flavored with dry basil. Served with Kalamento Olive bread.

The Entree:  Molasses coated Salmon" Pittsburgh" style. The skinless salmon was coated with dark molasses and freshly ground black pepper. It was grilled at 450 degrees for six minutes and then flipped for three additional minutes. Delicious!

The Wine:  Sonoma Cutter and Tuli Pinot Noir. The "Pittsburgh" guy had beer!!

We spent the rest of the evening playing Euchre. A "good time was had by all!"


Saturday, February 24, 2018

Chicken Marsala

This post has more to do with "what not to do, than what to do!"

I have made and posted Chicken Marsala  previously, with slightly different ingredients and prep. The taste varied from superb to today's  - mediocre.  I am convinced it is the type of mushroom and adding  Demi glace that makes the difference. This time I had to settle for baby portobello mushrooms because the grocer was out of shitake and  crimini.  And no Demi glace.  Mistake

 Entree: Chicken Marsalla. The chicken tenders were sautéed in evoo and  butter and set aside on a platter to keep warm in a 200 degree oven.
I added more  evoo  to the pan and sautéed shallots, mushrooms and chopped garlic. I added chicken broth and Marsala as the mushrooms softened.

Side: packaged Risotto with broccolini and mushroom bits. I added freshly grated grated parmesan before serving it, but it still  had that "instant soup" taste. We were not impressed,  so I will eliminate that brand from future shopping lists!

The wine:Canaros Creek Pinot Noir. An ok wine.
So the dinner was disappointing and reminded me I cannot substitute what makes for a great dinner with lesser than preferred ingredients!  So should I even say


Saturday, February 17, 2018

Simple Antipasto

I am  happy to be back - I may not be as creative or productive in meal planning or preparing a meal, but Yo Jo feels like a friend that was out of touch for a while and has returned.

Mixed with my pleasure of being up and running (the blog, not me - I gave running up long ago!) are feelings of anger and utter frustration that assault weapons are still being tolerated by so many!  It continues to be an American tragedy/failure....shame on us!! We need to do a better job of electing morally competent leaders. We owe it to not only the 17 who were murdered in in my new state this week, but to all the innocent lives that have been taken because some deranged idiot was allowed to buy/access  a gun...shame on us!

Not being in the mood to cook or "dine" but knowing "the meal must go on" I chose to put together an old favorite....a platter of cheeses, veggies etc.... antipasto

The cheeses: cheddar, mozzarella, blue and smoked gouda.
The meats: prosciutto and salami.
The veggies: green beans, red and yellow peppers, and olives.
EVOO, seasoned with garlic and dried basil was drizzled on the veggies and thinly sliced baguette (not shown)

The wines: His - LeCremaPinot Noir
Hers - Sonoma Cutrer Chardonnay


Thursday, February 15, 2018

yo jo returns with valentine Dinner

I am back (I think)

I am fortunate enough to cook better than I manage computers. I will avoid my trials and tribulations related to this blog, and the storage and uploading of photos! Now for the meal to celebrate valentines day❤️. "Love is still in the air"

First course: Feta and Watermelon salad: Watermelon cubes are combined with feta, a grape tomato and splashed with balsamic vinegar.

Main Course: Grilled Salmon  The salmon was coated with evoo and pepper and then grilled.

Side Dish: Basmati Rice    Uncle Ben's rice  was mixed with toasted pine nuts, diced onion, chopped red bell pepper,  seasoned with tarragon, splashed with Chicken Stock (College Park) and heated.

The Wine: Our favorite California Pinot Noir

It is great to be back, it has been a long absence. The computer was the big culprit, but a few physical set backs zapped my energy and desire to be creative.   Having my back will hopefully re-inspire me!
Hope your special Valentine  was with you.

Enjoy, Jo 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Sea Bass, Asparagus and Cutrer

It could be the dreary weather  here in Ohio  that prompts me to look back on  some of the  good meals we enjoyed  in the warmth of the  sunshine state.   And being Irish Catholic, the guilt of ignoring my blog, prompts me to offer a second post today.  This is, without a doubt, one of our best meals!

The entree:  Broiled Sea Bass. The pieces were brushed with evoo,  topped with chopped shallot, ground pepper and tarragon and placed under the broiler.  Absolutely delicious!

Side: roasted Asparagus. The spears were coated in evoo and, wrapped in aluminum foil and placed on rack beneath the sea bass.

The Wine:  Cutrer.  This remains one of my favorites and probably one of my spouse's favorite whites.